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If you’re an active, outdoor nature lover, Kauai is a tropical paradise.
What this island lacks in nightlife, it more than makes up for during daylight hours with fun, sight-seeing activities.

There are incredible viewpoints overlooking Waimea Canyon, with lush green valleys, waterfalls, and coastlines.. You can hike the accessible Sleeping Giant in Wailua, the high-altitude Alakai swamp, the trails of Kokee, or the Na Pali Coast. There are State and County campgrounds (permits required) for overnight trips.

But for an exclusive adventure, try a private tour on property inaccessible to the general public. You’ll need to book directly with the company. On some tours, you’ll stroll through beautiful botanical gardens or go for a leisurely horseback ride on colorful pastures and beaches. For thrill seekers, speed on exciting zip lines and ATV rides. Some tours include a waterfall / cool pond dip. There are plantation train ride, rice farm, ancient Hawaiian village, and chocolate (cacao) farm tours. For the evening, be sure to book an authentic Hawaiian Luau.

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