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Bird’s Eye View of Kauai

Nothing prepares you for this incredible, life-changing experience of seeing Kauai aboard a high-tech helicopter.

A majority of Kauai’s inland wilderness is only accessible by air, which is a quick flight to view these breathtaking sights.

The Alaka’i Swamp, located at 5,000 plus feet, is one of the wettest places on earth, averaging 450-500 inches of rain per year. The dilution spills down Mount Wai’ale’ale, into the valley walls below known as the Blue Hole. Most flights will take you into the Blue Hole. There, you’ll be treated to a nearly 360° view of thousand-foot cascading waterfalls, descending from the mist-shrouded Alakai.

On the drier westside of Wai’ale’ale, you’ll hover over the multi-colored Waimea Canyon. Mark Twain dubbed it, “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Then be astounded by the secluded waterfalls, hidden upper valleys, ocean vistas, and stunning, serrated ridges and cliffs of the Na Pali coast. This is an opportunity to see the island’s lush green interior and many beautiful, secret beaches.

In-flight headphones silence aircraft noise as you listen to mesmerizing music. Your pilot may interject history and legends of Kauai and its geological formation. Some helicopters allow for two-way communication with the pilot.

Helicopter tours depart out of Lihue Airport and one from Salt Pond on the west side. Please let our advertisers know you saw them in the Kauai Adventure and Romance magazine, you could be eligible for a special offer.


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